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Welkom op het crowdfundingplatform van philharmonie zuidnederland. Op dit moment staat onze crowdfundingcampagne 'Ga mee op Expeditie Orkest!' live. Neem snel een kijkje! 

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Help build philharmonie zuidnederland's instruments film Expeditie Orkest and bring the magic of the symphony orchestra to life for children!Expeditie Orkest (Expedition Orchestra)Perhaps the sound of a symphony orchestra is very familiar to you. Perhaps not, but can you imagine what children experience when they hear a large group of musicians play live for the first time? Hearing the brass blaring, feeling the deep tones of the double bass vibrate in your stomach, enjoying the story that the woodwinds tell with their beautiful melodies, being surprised by the last strike on the timpani... What a spectacle!But how exactly do these instruments work? How are they made? How do they sound separately? What do the sounds remind you of, and what do you actually feel? To find out, philharmonie zuidnederland and youth theater company Het Laagland are producing Expeditie Orkest, a film to be released in autumn. But not without your help! Together with presenters Myrthe Huber and Marcos Valster da Costa Ferreira ánd with musicians from the orchestra, children explore the orchestra. They experience the magic of music and learn exactly how instruments work.Will you join us in creating this film?We can complete this amazing film with your support. We've assembled many necessary components already: great questions, curious presenters, flashy film shots and magical melodies. We just need your help to put all this together into one fantastic movie. This way, children in the ages of 6 to 12 years old can learn all about the symphony orchestra and its instruments in the coming years. At home or at school. Of course we also have something for you, to thank you for your contribution. Take a look at our rewards! Help build philharmonie zuidnederland's instruments film Expeditie Orkest and bring the magic of the symphony orchestra to life!Collaboration philharmonie zuidnederland and Het LaaglandIn recent years, the philharmonie zuidnederland (South Netherlands Philharmonic) and Het Laagland have collaborated successfully (family concerts Limburgse Kerst en Assepoesters Assepesters). Now both companies are joining forces to create this children's film about music and instruments. The philharmonic has all the knowledge of instruments and lives the magic of music. Het Laagland uses its expertise in the theatrical field to bring this together in a film that appeals to a young audience. And: did you know that both companies present the family-Christmasconcert De Notenkraakster in December 2021? philharmonie zuidnederland (South Netherlands Philharmonic)The philharmonie zuidnederland is the symphony orchestra of Dutch provinces Limburg and Brabant and consists of more than 100 professional musicians: strings, woodwind, brass and percussionists. We play concerts in theaters and concert halls or at unexpected locations where you can experience classical music in a completely different way. We look for the connection with our region, work together with the business community and play special educational performances for children from 4 to 18 years old.Special thanks to                     Stichting Nelissen Smit Fonds
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